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With the aid of Divine Providence, The wisdom of its stockholders, and dedication of its medical and administrative staff, St. Clare’s Medical Center seeks to become a tertiary hospital that is:

• Sensitive and responsible to the Medical needs of the Community which it serves.
• Comprehensively adept to the various fields of health care.
• At par with the best in the health care industry in terms of medical expertise, human resource, training and technology.
• Operationally viable for the betterment of the stockholders interest.


St. Clare’s Medical Center believes that a healthy citizenry makes for a strong and progressive Country. It therefore seeks to become socially responsible medical institution that is concerned with the upliftment of the community’s well-being. With a passion for excellence, it tends to pursue this mission by continuously upgrading its delivery of healthcare services that are Comprehensively, Timely, Reasonably priced and of Outstanding Quality.

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